Faulty Products

If you have sustained an injury or damage due to a defective or faulty product, it is possible that the product designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and distributer can be held liable for releasing a product that posed a risk to users.  Faulty product liability covers a wide variety of products ranging from food that makes you ill to medical devices that cause you harm. At LawCare, we will determine if you were injured from a defective product, which responsible party is liable for the injuries you have sustained and work to help you obtain the compensation you my be entitled to for your suffering.

Faulty product liability cases require an experienced, knowledge product liability attorney. LawCare has helped numerous people recover their lost wages, medical costs and receive compensation for the emotional and physical pain they have experienced due to malfunctioning and defective products. If you have been injured due to a faulty product, contact us today at 801.561.5600 to discuss your product liability case.