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LawCare is a professional corporation with offices in Salt Lake City and Sandy, Utah.  Our law firm represents individuals and businesses in navigating their legal needs .  Our team has multiple years of experience representing people through a variety of legal issues and handling even the most difficult of cases. If you are facing a legal dispute, or are just in need of legal advice, we can help answer your questions and fight for your interests in negotiations and if needed, in court.


Our Areas Of Practice Include:




Our legal team is experienced, talented and knowledgeable in various areas of law; our objective is to ensure that you are properly represented and achieve success, legally and personally.


We understand that seeking legal advice can seem like an overwhelming process, that is why we treat every case with compassion, respect and a high level of service. We want to build a positive client-attorney relationship and want you to be confident that we strive to deliver the best solutions for your legal challenges. If you need legal advice, we are to help. Contact LawCare at 801.561.5600.