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When you are properly using a company’s product, you should be protected from any possibility of that product causing you any serious injury, pain, or even death. However, this does not alway happen. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, call us for a FREE initial consultation. We can help.

Were you using a product that malfunctioned while you were using it?

Were you seriously injured or did your loved one die due to a defective product?

Are you unable to work due to the injuries sustained from this defective product?

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Many people enthusiastically purchase various products believing said items will provide positive attributes such as enjoyment, nutritional value, comfort, or protection.
However, in certain instances, products commonly available for public consumption can precipitate hazards that result in serious injury or death. In attempt to protect you from such pitfalls, civil law possesses a component known as product liability. This means that any product designer, manufacturer, or seller has a legal responsibility to make sure said item is safe for public use. In legal terms, this mandate is known as a duty of care. When the duty of care is perceived to have been violated, damaged parties might be entitled to financial compensation and given the right to retain the services of a product liability attorney to initiate a civil suit.
Thank you for helping me get the medical help to replace my defective artificial joint implant, and receive the compensation I needed to start over in life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your in-depth care and legal help!

Proving A Product Liability Case

Product liability cases often present a challenge for a plaintiff and their personal injury attorney. This is because three distinct definitions of a defective product exist: poor design, unsatisfactory manufacturing, or deceptive and insufficient marketing.
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Design Flaws

Certain products fail or cause you harm because they are not properly designed.

Manufacturing Flaws

Sometimes, a product’s design is good. However, said item was not put together correctly and precipitates harm because of said anomaly.

Marketing Flaws

Occasionally, faulty marketing is to be blame for injury-inducing products. For example, potentially hazardous products should come with documented warnings cautioning you of such possible pitfalls.

The Basic Personal Injury Principles

Success in any personal injury action necessitates you and your personal injury attorney to prove the following:

An irresponsible act or act of malfeasance occurred;

Such act precipitated the injury-causing the accident;

Your injuries are related to the accident; and

Your injuries are not the same as you sustained in a prior incident, if any.

In a defective product case, you and your attorney must demonstrate that the item possessed a specific defect. You and your attorney must also clearly prove that the defect occurred, whether in the design, manufacturing, or at a later stage.