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Are you wondering if you need to hire an attorney after you were injured in a car crash that wasn’t your fault? If you answer yes to any of the following questions, call us for a FREE initial consultation.

Are you experiencing pain in your daily activities?

Have you lost time at work?

Are you out of reliable transportation?

Is your pain ruining your daily activities?

Do you have a personal injury claim?

Were you a passenger in a motor vehicle accident?

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A car accident is a negative, life-altering experience for all those involved. Victims of a car accident may experience the frustration and pain that comes from paying high medical bills, dealing with calls from insurance carriers, and continued pain and suffering from the injuries. You need to call an accident attorney if you are injured as a result of a car crash. At LawCare, we are your trusted accident attorneys who care. You will have peace of mind and can focus on healing from your injuries while we will deal with the aftermath of the car crash and deal with insurance companies, medical bills, and other parties involved in legal issues related to the crash. Our priorities are for you to heal after your accident and to be justly compensated.
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"After my car accident, I was completely out of sorts. Thanks to my personal injury attorney at LawCare, my case was settled promptly, and my family was compensated financially in a way that we couldn’t have imagined. Thank you!"
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What To Do When You're in a Car crash

1. Call the Police.
If you  are injured the first thing you need to do is call the police and/or 911.
Get the medical attention you need as soon as possible.  If you believe you may not be that hurt, get checked out anyway. You may be more injured than you realize at the accident scene.

2. Call LawCare at 801-561-5600, or text us at 801-561-5600.

3. Never make statements about the accident to anyone except the police, an immediate family member, and your attorney

Don't Do It Alone

LawCare, the Utah Injury Law Alliance, has car accident attorneys to serve residents of Utah or visitors to Utah.

Your legal team at LawCare includes an accident attorney to serve you if you were injured in a car crash in Utah, whether you reside here or are visiting from out of state. We have the experience and knowledge to negotiate with insurance companies and represent you to obtain the maximum compensation for the trauma, pain, and injuries you suffered in a car crash. You need an accident attorney who has the following qualities:
Our legal teams have these necessary qualities. We have dealt with the most difficult car accident cases for many years. We will fight for you until every aspect of your case is resolved.

Insurance Companies

At the scene of the car crash, be sure to exchange insurance information with the other driver and notify your car insurance company. You will soon be called by representatives from your and the other driver’s insurance company. Do not take these calls alone; you are entitled to legal representation when dealing with insurance companies. While insurance companies perform valuable services, they are not interested in paying your claims.

Insurance companies may deny, delay, confuse, and refuse your claim. But you won’t have to deal with any insurance company on your own. Knowledgeable personal injury attorneys can be your best safety net.

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