Other Legal Services

If you need other legal services, such as professionals dealing with family law, bankruptcy law, or wills/trust/estate planning, due to injuries or losing a loved one, please call us at (801)-561-5600.  We can help you find a trusted attorney in your geographic area to help with your specific legal needs.
Legal Services By Attorneys In Utah

Family Law

If this accident is affecting your family relationships, or you need help in a divorce or custody case,
We may be able to direct you to a family or divorce attorney in your area.

Bankruptcy Law

If this accident caused you to be in a difficult financial situation, or you need help reducing or eliminating debt,
We may be able to direct you to an attorney near you specializing in bankruptcy law.

Wills/Trusts/Estate Planning

If your accident made you realize that you need to have or update a will, a trust, or an estate plan to ensure that your life’s savings and assets are safe,
We may be able to direct you to a trusted attorney near you who specializes in these areas.