Aircraft Accidents

Accidents involving large commercial aircrafts or small private aircrafts can pose complex legal issues. If you answer yes, to any of the following questions call us for a FREE initial consultation, so we can help.

Were you flying on a private or commercial aircraft when an accident occurred?

Are you suffering physically or emotionally?

Have you lost time at work?

Do you have substantial medical bills?

Aircraft Accident Attorney

Aircraft Accident Attorney

When helicopter, small plane, or other aircraft accidents occur, an ordinary injury attorney is not enough to guarantee justice for everyone involved, including passengers and crew members who were not at fault. At LawCare, we will match you with an aircraft accident attorney who has the competence, skills, and experience necessary to provide you with the legal help you deserve.
Flying in an airplane, even for a short flight, is something that brings stress to many people. The rush of packing what you need, getting to the airport, getting through security, and getting to the gate in time to board can get even the most seasoned traveler rattled. What should not be stressful is the flight itself. Plane crash victims are often left with many unanswered questions and no resolutions. You must contact a personal injury attorney that specializes in airplane accidents to discuss your case and your legal rights after an aircraft accident.
“It’s nice to know that at LawCare, the Utah Injury Law Alliance, I can have a free consultation with an attorney who also piloted aircrafts and understands the complex issues involved in an aircraft disaster.”
Airplane Accident Lawyers In Utah

Getting Answers to Aircraft Injury Questions

Some of the answers that you can expect are what caused the accident, who is responsible, how to live with the injuries, and how you can be protected throughout the case. Aircraft accidents may happen outside of Utah so we provide co-counsel in other States who can help you, no matter where the aircraft disaster happened to help bring your family closure.

Choosing the Right Aviation Accident Attorney

Aviation accidents are more complicated than any accident that occurs on the ground, especially when you are looking at injuries. Much of the evidence created in accidents from the air is destroyed upon impact. When you are looking for the best injury attorney, find one that has several years of experience in negotiating cases and handling trials. You will want to ask about their experience, their billing, their flexibility, and then consider how comfortable they make you feel.

Airplane Accident Attorney Utah

Causes of Aviation Accidents

Determining the cause of the accident helps determine fault and negligence. You have to prove to a judge and the insurance companies that the accident was due to negligence for you to be compensated for your injuries or the death of a loved one. The following are the most common causes of accidents in aviation in the United States:

Equipment failure

Pilot error

Bad weather


Improper loading

Runway troubles

Objects in the air such as birds or other aircraft

With the aircraft accident attorney, the victim has the best possible chance of ensuring that the responsible parties are held accountable.