Industrial Accidents

If you are involved in an industrial accident, you could be subject to loss of property, economic losses, and serious injury. You need to receive the legal help you need for your injuries sustained from this industrial accident.

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Have you experienced serious injuries from an industrial accident?

Were you seriously injured while working on an industrial site?

Have you had significant economic losses because of your injuries?

Has your life been forever changed because of your injuries?

Was another party or entity responsible for the site where you were injured?

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Industrial Work Place Injuries

Although any workplace can pose danger, industrial workplaces are associated with an even higher risks of danger, which can result in serious injuries or death. Drilling sites, refineries, mines, and construction sites can cause serious injuries and even death, and Industrial accident attorneys are essential for injured parties to receive the legal help they need.

Industrial Accident Attorney Utah

Causes of Industrial Accidents

The following are common causes of industrial injuries or death:

Trip or slip and falls

Toxic chemicals


Electrical shocks

“When I found out that another company was responsible for the work site I was on, I contacted my attorney at LawCare, the Utah Injury Law Alliance, who provided a free consultation. While I am still suffering from the effects of the injuries, their litigation efforts ended in a positive resolution of my legal case with me being able to retire and able to manage those effects. I greatly appreciate everything they did for me and my wife!”
Industrial Work Accident Attorney Utah

Reasons for Needing an Attorney

Following an industrial accident, you may need medical care that you simply cannot afford. You may also need rehabilitation or counseling to help you deal with the accident.

The time that you have taken off of work will only make your financial situation worse. Although you may wish to believe that the industrial organization you work for will be willing to pay what they owe you for the suffering their facility caused, chances are that your company will also have an industrial accident attorney to prove that they should not have to pay you. Having a qualified injury attorney will to protect your rights when faced with your employer’s lawyers.


Both your employer and the company’s insurance team will likely try to argue that the accident or death was the fault of the victim. This is another reason it is so important to have a qualified attorney speaking for you during a trial. During a lawsuit with an industrial company, an experienced industrial accident attorney will understand the steps that companies are supposed to take in order to prevent these accidents from happening. Specifically, qualified injury attorneys will be familiar with the guidelines established by Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA).

At LawCare, our industrial accident attorneys have years of experience helping clients and their loved ones receive compensation after being injured while on an industrial site. If you or your loved ones have experienced serious injuries or wrongful death while at an industrial site, please call us at 801-561-5600. We can provide a free consultation to see how we can help you with your legal claims.