Truck Accidents

Millions of semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles operate in or are driven across the United States every day. Countless drivers rely on highways to get to work, school, or see friends and family; one overworked or overturned truck can completely change your life. Accidents involving large semi-tractor trailers or commercial vehicles can pose difficult legal issues. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, call us for a FREE initial consultation so we can help.

Was the truck that injured you a commercial vehicle?

Have you lost time at work?

Do you have substantial medical bills?

Are you or your loved one suffering with pain and serious injuries due to a truck accident?

Are you out of reliable transportation?

Semi Truck Accident Attorney Utah

Truck Accident Attorney

When trucks collide with cars, an ordinary injury attorney is not enough to guarantee justice for the victims.

Accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles can cause endless legal headaches for victims who are without proper legal counsel. These crashes are rarely a case between just two parties. With cases potentially involving an assortment of parties, including the companies who own or operate the vehicles, multiple drivers, and insurance companies, all involved in the same legal claims, proper legal counsel is a must to navigate through the legal issues. A truck accident attorney can help you get the compensation you will need in a serious injury or wrongful death legal action.

“A commercial vehicle ignored a red traffic light and plowed into our family’s vehicle seriously injuring every member of my family. We are so grateful to our legal team at LawCare, the Utah Injury Law Alliance, for helping us resolve all legal matters and help each of us be again at a good place in life.”
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Semi Truck Accident Attorney In Utah

Finding a Truck Accident Attorney

With the right attorney on your side, your case will see the light of day. You will also get help calculating what you are truly owed for your pain, suffering, and future medical expenses. Without competent legal representation, your case runs the risk of being unfairly settled without fair compensation. The last thing you want in a truck accident case is for an inexperienced attorney to bow to pressure and opt for an unreasonable settlement. Given that truck accidents often require long recovery periods for victims, these victims need access to the best legal help possible to avoid further losses.

What are the leading causes of truck accidents?

Driver Error. Truck drivers may drive carelessly and recklessly, despite many precautions and warnings. Truck drivers work long hours through the night, and many may drive while distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Improper maintenance of truck. Some trucks are not properly taken care. Brake pad problems, windshield brakes, or gas leaks can be the causes of serious damage to a large truck.

Improper loading of cargo. The cargo inside a truck is often heavy and bulky; if this cargo spills out of a truck onto the road, countless people are suddenly at risk.

Property Damage. Trucks can cause serious property damage from lost cargo, improper driving, and reckless behavior by those who are hired to clean and take care of vehicles.

Negligence. Various acts of negligence, including overloaded cargo, hiring unexperienced drivers, failure to properly train drivers, failure to properly stow and secure the truck, failure to obey traffic laws, and other reasons can lead to negligence and result in accidents. These acts of negligence can be devastating for all those involved.

With the right truck accident attorney, the victim has the best possible chance of ensuring that the responsible parties are held accountable.