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Dram shop laws hold businesses liable when they serve or sell alcohol to minors or observably intoxicated persons, who later cause injuries or death. If you answer yes to the following questions, please call us immediately to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.

Are you experiencing pain or have you been seriously injured by an overserved individual?

Are you suffering from pain, or emotional/mental trauma after being injured by an overserved individual?

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Drinking and driving is wrong; however, not all people observe this rule. Other laws concerning alcohol consumption are also violated daily, which is why dram shop liability cases exist.
A dram shop is any business, such as a restaurant, night club, or bar, that providers excessive alcohol to an already intoxicated person, leading to injuries or death. An extremely intoxicated person is dangerous to himself and others. In the case of a traffic accident, both the provider of the alcohol and the drunk driver may find themselves facing legal liability, and a dram shop liability attorney can help navigate these complex legal issues.
"After being attacked by an over-served customer of a bar, I nearly lost my life. Thanks to my attorney at LawCare and his competent team, I was able to pay for the unexpected medical expenses and receive the financial means to move to a safer neighborhood."

What is Dram Shop Liability?

Although a drunk person is expected to know when to stop drinking, the provider is expected to be reasonable and prevent the person from extreme intoxication. If both ignore the shared responsibility and serious injuries or death occur, then the intoxicated person and provider of the alcohol may both be liable for those injuries or deaths.

Therefore, dram shop liability means responsible alcohol consumption and responsible alcohol service.

A business is required to consider the safety of those on its property, especially in helping those who are drunk, since these individuals are often unable to make the right decision on their own. However, these rules are a shared responsibility; a qualified attorney can help resolve dram shop claims

What are the License Rules for alcohol services?

Anyone selling alcohol, whether in a restaurant or a bar, is required to abide by the following rules:

An alcohol server should avoid serving alcohol to a person who is already intoxicated.

If a customer is already intoxicated, an alcohol server should not serve that person more alcohol, and this server should get a ride for them to arrive home safely.

An alcohol server should never serve alcohol to a customer who is not 21 years or age or older.

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Rules concerning social hosts

When a person holds an event at home or in open gatherings, they have a responsibility to ensure that no injuries or deaths occur due to excessive consumption of alcohol. The law is less strict regarding social gatherings and alcohol consumption, but the householder or event holder would still be responsible if serious injuries or death occurs. For instance, serving alcohol to underage guests, leading to injuries or death, means you may have liability. If you are the victim of such actions, please call us for a FREE Consultation.
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What are the damages involved?

Dram shop liability falls under civil law; any accident claim resulting from dram shop liability is usually settled through financial compensation. You will need an attorney to represent you during negotiations to ensure you get a fair ruling. The following list includes some of the damages included in a dram shop liability claim:

Coverage for the destruction of property

Settlement of both future and present medical bills

Coverage for loss of consortium

Coverage for emotional pain and suffering

Coverage for lost productivity, including lost wages

Different states have different laws concerning dram shop liability, and your attorney should help you understand your case in the state you are located.