Non-Legal Services

If you have suffered from an injury, and need other non-legal services, call us at (801)-561-5600. We may be able to help you find non-legal services in your area to meet your specific needs.

Are you struggling to find medical providers who can treat your injuries?

Are you having difficulty finding a funeral home due to the unexpected loss of a loved one?

Are you or your loved ones suffering mentally and emotionally as a result of an accident?

Do you need a body shop to repair your vehicle?

Do you need other non-legal services from trusted professionals?

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Medical Providers

If you or a loved one have been injured, our first concern is to make sure you receive the medical help you need. We know organizations who can direct you to reliable medical providers, such as physical therapists and primary care physicians.
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Funeral Homes

If your loved one has passed away as a result of an accident and you need funeral home services,
We may be able to direct you to trusted funeral directors and services near you.

Counseling Services

If you or your loved ones are suffering with emotional or mental distress, or other trauma as a result of an accident or the negligence of another, our first priority at LawCare is to help you and your loved ones receive the help you need to begin healing. We know  organizations that may be able to direct you to professionals that can help you in your recovery from the trauma and difficulties you are experiencing.

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Rental Cars

If your car is undriveable due to a motor vehicle accident,
We may be able to direct you to rental car services that can help you get a temporary vehicle due to this unexpected accident.

Body Shop Services

If your car suffered severe damage due to a motor vehicle accident,
We may be able to direct you to a body shop service that will help you determine if your car is salvageable or totaled; these body shop services can also help you fix damages your vehicle may have sustained as a result of this accident.

Other Non-Legal Services

If you need to get in contact with any other professionals to recover from your accident,
We will strive to do our best to direct you to resources that can provide the help you need.